An Opportunity to Engage with the Human Sexuality Report

The CRCNA* recently released the Study Report of the Committee to Articulate a Foundation-Laying Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality (more commonly known as the Human Sexuality Report). This report attempts to a) articulate a foundation-laying biblical theology of human sexuality that pays particular attention to biblical conceptions of gender and sexuality, and b) provide pastoral and missional guidance to the church in engaging with these issues.

*Christian Reformed Church of North America 

The full report The executive summary of the report
Safe Spaces & Listening Circles
Spring and Fall groups

Using resources provided by the CRCNA, council will be providing opportunities for the congregation to engage with the report both this spring and in the fall. This engagement will be provided in the form of listening circles. Andrea and Kathy will be facilitating in the spring; Anton and Arnie in the fall.  

The goal of our Listening Circles is to create a safe space to engage the Human Sexuality Report and to listen to one another deeply to understand the impact that the report has on us and our church. The Listening Circles will provide a space for people in the church to connect, share their experiences, and look to the future. The Listening Circles are not meant to “solve” any issues or to engage in debate. The purpose is to listen to one another in the presence of the Holy Spirit. During these circle experiences, you will be asked questions to explore the issues raised in the report on a deeper level. You will come together with people you may or may not agree with. When participating in a Listening Circle, you have the responsibility to listen to others and an opportunity to be heard.  

In order to help you prepare for this experience and decide if you would like to attend, reflect on the following questions:

  • Am I prepared to listen deeply to those I may not agree with?
  • Am I prepared to share my experience and perspective, even if others disagree with me?  
  • Am I prepared to sit in discomfort?
  • Do I have an apprehension about attending and, if so, can I share it with someone?
  • Will I be able to address the apprehension and still participate?
  • Do I have support if I am unable to continue with the process?

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