We have a growing passion for prayer here at Maple Ridge CRC

Prayer is central and foundational to all that we do. Prayer must be our constant priority. We believe that prayer is vital to our growth as followers of Jesus. Prayer is how we are empowered and sent on a mission to love and serve others. We will seek to relentlessly grow in prayer as a congregation, never outgrowing our radical dependence upon God in prayer.

Prayer Walking

What is prayer walking? Prayer walking is when a group of people take a moment to walk around their neighbourhoods and pray for those around them. The action of walking outdoors and seeing the community first-hand helps some people better direct their prayers and focus. Check out our prayer walking guide that delves into this further.

How can I participate? In the past, we have held prayer walking initiatives here in the Maple Ridge community. While there are no longer any events scheduled (for now) we do have pamphlets available for adults & kids so you can prayer walk in your neighbourhood.