Our Core Values

Our Core Values describe our deepest commitments and deep longings for our future. These values reflect what is most important to us. These values will guide and shape our decision making and behavior as a community.

Gospel Centred

The Gospel is the good news that the power of God to renew the whole of creation from the power and effects of sin is breaking into our world. The power of God’s kingdom seeks to reconcile us to God, restore our broken lives and renew the whole world.  The Gospel changes everything.  The Gospel will be central to all of our worship, our teaching, and our service. 

Outward face

The Gospel makes us a church for others.  The Gospel forms us into a missionary people called to serve and to bless the people and communities God has sent us to.  We will seek to actively create relationships with people not connected to a church and invite them into our lives and into the life of our community.  We will communicate not simply what we believe, but also why, and in a way that invites questions and dialogue.

Spirit Empowered

The Holy Spirit sends and empowers us for the mission that God has given to us. The Holy Spirit goes before us. The Holy Spirit empowers us. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can change people’s hearts and transform our city. We will seek to grow in becoming an intentionally Holy Spirit led community.

Prayer Focused

Prayer is central and foundational to all that we do. Prayer must be our constant priority. We believe that prayer is vital to our growth as followers of Jesus. Prayer is how we are empowered and sent on a mission to love and serve others. We will seek to relentlessly grow in prayer as a congregation, never outgrowing our radical dependence upon God in prayer.

Gospel Healing and Growth

The more deeply we believe and embrace the reality of God’s grace in the Gospel, the more we will see growth in our hearts and lives.  We are committed to growing, learning, and being equipped in the Gospel’s power to change our lives.  The Gospel is God’s power to heal us emotionally and so we make emotional healing a normal part of the discipleship journey for everyone.  We will celebrate stories of changed lives as we grow in grace together.

Cultural Diversity

The Gospel breaks down all barriers and makes us one.  We will seek to be a church that celebrates and reflects the growing diversity of our city.  We will learn to develop an appreciation and respect of different people and different cultures.

Faith Formation

It is through the Gospel of God's grace that we grow and are formed as people who follow Jesus – at every age and in every generation.  We will seek to have a holistic and multi-generational vision for faith formation.

Healthy Communication

God’s grace will shape the way we communicate with one another in our community. We will seek to communicate with humility, compassion, and trust. We will be attentive to not only what we say, but how we say it. We will value growing in emotional maturity and health in all of the ways we communicate as a community.

Community of Grace

The Gospel creates true community and transforms our relationships with one another.  The Gospel creates a community of grace that is marked by welcome, acceptance, and support. Because the Gospel humbles us and assures us we are all deeply valued and loved, we are freed from envy and pride, inferiority and superiority, so that we might love and serve others regardless of age, gender, race, or background.

What We Believe
We are part of a larger network of churches that are spread across North America and the world.

That larger network is called "The Christian Reformed Church of North America." To find out more about what our churches believe, click here: our beliefs