Fully engaged in advancing Jesus' core calling to us all:

"Go and make disciples of all peoples ... teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Come, make disciples.

Now is the time to create your group


Disciple Making -

The process and training method:

l. RECONNECT (Look back)
• What one thing are you thankful for (or rejoicing in)today?
• What challenge are you experiencing?

2. REVIEW (applies the 2nd time onwards)
• Can someone summarize the story from last time and share how God spoke to us?
• How did it go with your "I will..." statement from last week?
• Did you share what you learned with someone? How did the person respond?

3. READ (Look up to the Lord)
Invite someone to read the new scripture passage. Ask someone else to read it in
a different translation.

• Can someone retell the story in their own words?
• Is there anything more to add?

• What does this passage tell us about God, or about Jesus?
• What does this passage tell us about people, or about ourselves?
• What is God drawing you to pay attention to? How is God speaking to you? Is
there an attitude/behaviour to change? A promise to lay hold of? Something
specific He wants you to do?

6. REACT (Look forward to fruitfulness)
• How can you put your learning into action? (I suggest using a notebook, take a
few moments to write your responses.)
• "I will..." (It may be the Lord is inviting you as a group to respond to a need. If so, write
together a "We will..." statement.)

• Who could benefit from what the Lord is teaching you?
• How will you share what you learned?