Main Facilities Available

Availability may be subject to change. Smaller rooms are also available but not listed.

Fellowship Hall
Spacious hall that opens into the sanctuary foyer for dual rooms or closes for more private events. Adjacent to kitchen and suitable for activities, events, or sports.
Bright and open sanctuary with stained glass windows above pulpit and on back wall. Seats around 250 people and comes with full media, sound, and live stream system.
Large kitchen with ample counter space, industrial dishwasher, as well as regular and convection ovens. Sliding blinds open into the fellowship hall for shared use or close to keep kitchen noise out.

Maple Ridge CRC's facilities can be used for community meetings, individual gatherings, fundraisers, AGM's, weddings, funerals, etc.

Please note that all church related activities override the use of the facilities by renters. The Church reserves the right to pre-empt any function for unforeseen church activities that cannot be rescheduled. In such an event MRCRC will make every effort to accommodate the function to the best of its ability. The church reserves the right to refuse the use of the facilities and is under no obligation to give reasons for such refusal.


Facility Information

For general information, policies, fees, and more please read the documents provided below.

Additional rooms are also available: Activity room, classrooms, etc.


Application Process

  • Rental agreement filled out and submitted to church office.
  • Agreement reviewed and approved by Admin staff. (Weddings must also be approved by Council/ and or Pastor Randy).
  • Deposit & payment received. (Damage deposits will be returned if no damage or extra clean-up was required).
  • Certificate of insurance provided by renter. (For no less than $2,000,000).
  • Rental agreement signed.

 All applications, questions, and agreements should be submitted to Grace Burns ( for review.

If you are a member or have ties with MRCRC please contact us directly.