Experiencing grief and COVID-19

Over the course of four meetings, participants gather virtually, watch a film featuring insights from a panel of experts, and engage in discussion questions, reflection, and prayer beginning June 8-12 and onward.

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What to Expect

These short series of films tackle the big questions, inviting viewers to engage in a conversation about faith, grief, and COVID-19.

Grief is a multi-faceted reality. It involves our emotions, our spirituality, our relationships, and our ability to make sense of the world. Grief is also dynamic. It changes from day to day, and evolves over time. In this film, our experts examine the experience of grief from multiple perspectives, and highlight the role that culture and faith play in shaping our interpretation of grief.

This film takes a closer look at the presence of grief and the practice of lament in Scripture, and challenges some of the cultural assumptions that inform our expectations regarding sorrow, happiness, and joy. Our experts also discuss the unique sources of wisdom, comfort, and hope found within the Christian faith.

Responding well to grief is a skill that takes time to develop. This film unpacks the social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our responses to personal and communal losses, inviting viewers to make room for their own grief while growing in the ability to grieve with others.

The unique circumstances of the pandemic are heightening the disorientation and confusion many people experience in the midst of grief. In this film our experts get practical, discussing the importance of presence, empathy, and hospitality in our interactions with individuals processing losses in this season.