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Freedom Session is a Christ-centered healing journey designed to help move you from areas in your life where you feel stuck to greater levels of freedom and hope. 

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Freedom Session is a 27-week program that meets on Wednesday nights 7-9:15 PM.

We will be holding an Information Night on Wednesday, October 6th at from 7:00-8:00 PM. 

The first lesson begins Wednesday on October 20th, 2021.

This program is for people who are ready to look honestly at how they deal with life’s challenges and discover the abundant life God intended them to live. 

Freedom session offers practical strategies to deal with real issues such as fear, shame, childhood wounds, addictions, regrets, unforgiveness, and/or relational brokenness. Freedom Session is for everyone. We all have a “drug of choice” or means by which we run from pain and attempt to avoid conflict. For people who have been around church for a while, these can include perfectionism, TV, hobbies, anger, gossip, and food.

Freedom Session has proven effective for men and women from every walk of life, every economic level, and virtually every area of woundedness. And it is equally effective for those with little church experience and those who’ve attended church their entire lives.

Each week you will find practical teaching and a safe small group community where you will find acceptance, support, and the fresh start you’ve been longing for.   

"The damage done to us during our childhood cannot be undone. We can however repair ourselves and gain our lost integrity. Freedom Session has helped me look more closely at who I am and at last leave behind the cruel invisible prison of my childhood."

- Anonymous participant