Prayer Walking

What is prayer walking? Prayer walking is when a group of people take a moment to walk around their neighbourhoods and pray for those around them. The action of walking outdoors and seeing the community first hand helps some people better direct their prayers and focus. Check out our prayer walking guide that devles into this further.

How can I participate? In the past we have held prayer walking initiatives here in the Maple Ridge commmunity. While there are no longer any events scheduled (for now) we do have pamplets available for adults & kids so you can prayer walk in your neighbourhood.


Prayer Groups

Beginning in the fall we have two prayer groups that meet *Sunday mornings at 9am & Thursday evenings at 7pm. We also always have volunteers available to pray with you after our Sunday services. They are located in the prayer room down the foyer hall.

*Upcoming dates and times can be found under Upcoming Events.


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