So what does “church” look like now in a COVID-19 world? How do we maintain a sense of community, connection, and support during these times when we cannot meet together physically?

We want to propose a shift in our thinking and in our practice. Many of us have people in the congregation that we are already connected to and that we continue to be around. For most of us – this is our families who live in our homes. For some, it includes extended family members who live in our homes or on our property. For still others, it includes the 1 or 2 friends who are still managing to come together to check-in on each other.

We want to encourage all of you to start thinking of these existing connections you have as your “mini-house-church.” We are not asking you to invite anyone new into your home. Please follow the guidelines of Dr. Henry and all of our Provincial and Federal leaders and make this work for your situation. Social distancing is vital for all of us right now.

What we will do is provide weekly services for the weekend – these will be available on our website and Facebook page by Friday evenings. We would encourage you to watch it together with those in your “mini-house-church” over the weekend and spend time together praying and worshipping as you do.

We will also provide other content throughout the week. A Pastor’s blog is now on our website and we will be adding posts daily, Monday-Friday. These posts will also be shared on our Facebook page. We are also starting an online prayer meeting this week and hope to begin an online course on mental health in the weeks ahead. Details can be found on our website events page and on our website blog.

We also want to ask each “mini-house-church” to consider adopting a V.I.P. (A vulnerable or isolated person) in our congregation – a senior member of our church or someone who is living alone. To “adopt” means to contact them regularly (perhaps phone 1-2 times a week) to check-in with them and offer support where needed (e.g. grocery shopping).

Please either email the office or go to our website to let us know two things: (1) WHO is in your “mini-house-church.” And (2) WHO you would be willing to adopt to check-in with regularly over the next several weeks. Thank you to those who have already let us know this information.

We look forward to continuing to move together as a church family in these ways. We trust that God will lead us and equip us to continue to be His people in these uncertain times. May God be your strength, your shield, your strong tower and may we all find our refuge in Him.