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God’s invitation is clear and unchangeable. He gives all, and we give him all. Simple and absolute. He is clear in what he asks and clear in what he offers. The choice is up to us. Isn’t it incredible that God leaves the choice of us?
Think about it. There are many things in life we can’t choose. We can’t, for example, choose the weather. We can’t choose whether or not we are born with a big nose or blue eyes or a lot of hair…. Or lack there of. Can’t choose our parents either. We can’t choose the school lunch menu. We can’t even choose who will laugh at our jokes.
But we can choose where we spend eternity. The big choice, God leaves to us. It means more to him, and us, when we have the freedom to make up our own mind. Will you ever make a more important choice? It’s the only decision that really matters.
Thought –
How do you make your most important decisions? Do you list pros and cons on a piece of paper? Ask your friends and parents? Flip a coin? The choice on whether or not to give your heart to God isn’t like picking a color for your cell-phone case. It’s the biggest decision you’ll ever make.
Love ya