Neighbourhood Kids Camp

Please note that due to COVID-19 we have cancelled Neighbourhood Kids Camp 2020. If an online program or substitution becomes available we will reach out to those of you who have previously attended.

UPDATE (as of June 24)
It has been a few months since our last communication so there a now a few things to bring you up to date on. Now as we move into Phase 2 and very nearly into Phase 3 we are able to do more things in person while some things still seem quite far off. A few weeks ago there was a phone conference that a few of us from staff and council were able to attend.  It was hosted by Dr. Bonnie Henry and Premier Horgan and directed towards Faith Communities and what was now “allowed or recommended” for their worship and other ceremonies.  Let me briefly mention a few items and also refer you to a one page document you can find online (or just ask the office for a copy) for more complete information. In Phase 2 we were:
  • Encouraged to increase the size of our “Home bubbles”.   For us this means our Mini House Churches can be enlarged and we are encouraged to make them larger so the social interaction of our young and more isolated members can increase.  Please do this if you are able.
  • Encouraged to hold gatherings of 10 people (with the now so familiar social distancing etc protocols in place).  In these gatherings there is no age or vulnerability restriction.  If these can be held outside so much the better.  So in order to make this more enjoyable and easier to plan, the church has secured the use of a large 20 x 40 tent that will be set up until late September.  Bring your own chair and food then come and enjoy some fellowship, rain or shine.  Remember the play ground is also now open for use.  If you want to be assured of having this space – please book it through the office.  We are hoping some weekly “coffee” times will be set up.  Don’t wait for someone else to organize this – you go ahead and take the initiative.
  • Granted permission to hold meeting with up to 50 people in either the All Purpose Hall or the Tent.  However, there would be some restrictions, that is, no one who is considered “vulnerable” (this group includes anyone over 65) and children not able to remain “socially distanced”.  Finally there is to be no food served and (surprisingly) No Singing!  It made us realize that this option likely has little value for MRCRC.
One final comment related to this COVID time as we look to the fall and what ministry might look like then.  According to Dr. Bonnie, very little will likely change in regards to how we “normally” meet until we get to Phase 4.  Therefore , as ministries look to the fall we would ask each of you to see what types of activities your children, your elders, and your Mini House churches have begun to do that are a blessing, enjoyable and could be enhanced and leveraged for the various ministries we have come to enjoy and rely upon.  Please tell the staff, a ministry leader or council member of these treasures of blessing that you have discovered that might be enfolded into a ministry or become a part of some small group initiative.   We all need to hear about the real creative opportunities you are discovering.Just a few more items related to the ongoing “business” of the church.
  • Nominations: We need to fill 4 positions on Council as 1 Elder (Brian Hansma) and 3 Deacons (Maria Kovacs, Sylvia VanderKuip and Robin De Haan) will be retiring.We do thank these members for their dedicated service. But now we need some people to step forward.Please look at yourself and your friends and acquaintances and nominate someone to one of these positions.
  • Membership: The Council is continuing its work to streamline and clarify the membership process of our congregation.  We hope to bring a proposal to the congregation at our next Congregational meeting (that could very well be an “Open House Meeting in the tent) this fall.
As always if you have a question, a compliment or a concern, feel free to contact the staff or any Council member.  And as always, please pray for each other so we can experience God’s blessing, even now.

As you know our world has changed in the past several weeks due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The BC government has advised that we refrain from large group gatherings of over 250 people, and though our worship gatherings are currently under 250 people, we feel it is wise and prudent that we cancel our Sunday worship gatherings until further notice.   

We do this out of love and concern for the safety and well-being of our church family, particularly the vulnerable among us and in our community. The health and safety of all is deeply important to us. 

This is a very unusual time for us. Although this global pandemic will affect the manner in which we do church, it does not stop us from still being the church.  Church is about more than a building or a service; Church is about a people. Especially now, even more so during these anxious and disruptive times, we will continue to be the people of God.  

You are invited to gather online for worship.  We will be posting our worship services online Friday evenings. You can access church online through the front page of our website - The livestream can be viewed again if you happen to miss the service.

We will explore other creative ways to communicate and stay connected over the coming weeks as this situation evolves. Please check your inboxes and our website for updates.  

We encourage you to look for ways to show hospitality (whether on-line or in-person) in smaller group settings, to study Scripture, to pray, to drop off groceries, and to share meals around the table. We want to continue being community together while we navigate these uncertain times.  

We encourage you to care for those who are most vulnerable and we will seek to continue to be a church engaged with the needs of our community. 

We also encourage you to join us in praying. We will continue to put our faith and trust in God alone. We will pray for our governments, for our health care workers and lab technicians who are working on caring for those infected. We will pray for those who are suffering and grieving. We will pray for the medical professionals who are on the front lines and managing increased patient counts.  We will pray for the institutional leaders and specialists who are desperately trying to address, monitor and contain this outbreak.     

If you need anything, please contact one of the pastors and we will attend to you however we can.  Our doors and phone lines will continue to be open.  If you are feeling anxious, please reach out for prayer and if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

The government of Canada has compiled a number of resources regarding COVID-19 including updates, risk levels, and how communities should be responding. Click here to view the webpage.

Likewise, the Christian Reformed Church of North America also has resources available here.

Grace and peace,  

Pastors Tim and Randy