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An invitation from the wall . . . 

The wall is not a comfortabe place to remain. Facing tears and sadness, facing anxieties and fears, facing real limitations, facing uncertainties and the unknowns, facing the reality of not being in control. Not the most "comfortable" place to remain. 

As I learn to linger and make space for facing the wall, I have been continually drawn into the Lord's presence through worship. It started that day in the ER a few weeks back. And it hasn't stopped since. 

Music that sweeps me away into God's presence. 

Lyrics that nourish my soul with truth. Lyrics that give me words to express my heart's longings. Lyrics that point me to God's grace.

Grace that washes over me.

A God of stuning grace who is worthy to be praised - even in the midst of the storms of life.

And so I find myself even starting to enjoy this season of the wall. Embracing all that is being exposed. Learning to live with the discomfort even. 

So while the Covid-19 case counts continue to rise. While the uncertainties about the future remain and multiply. While the votes continue to be counted. While the limitations continue to surface. While the disruptions to our plans remain. 

My heart continues to be drawn to worship. 

Below you'll see a link to one that has quickly become a favourite. I invite you to linger over these lyrics. May God encourage your heart as you do. He will hold you fast. An invitation from the wall to worship . . .