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We continue to reflect together on the most important question you can ask yourself - "Who is Jesus?" Yesterday I took part in a webinar led by Alpha Canada. They brought together some experienced and retired pastors from across Canada to offer words of encouragement under the theme - "Don't give up!" It was an opportunity to encourage pastors and church leaders who are weary and fatigued by all that is going on in the world these days. 

One of the pastors encouraged us to re-kindle our passion and love for Jesus. He suggested that we come back again to the question - "Who is Jesus for me and for the world?" As we do, we may find our hearts ravished by Jesus again and we may find passion re-kindled. 

It resonated. I sense it happening already as we continue to linger on this question about who Jesus is. 

Then - this morning, I came across a blog post that I wanted to share. It's written by a pastor and author from the US that I respect a great deal. So what does it look like to "be more like Jesus?" It's a question that has been tumbling around in my mind and heart. As I declared last weekend - we need more "Jesus people" in the world these days! So when I saw this in my inbox this mornig - I was nudged to share -

I encourage you to read it and allow these passages of Scripture to re-kindle your heart's passion for who Jesus is and what it looks like to strive towards being more like Jesus.

Be blessed,

Pastor Tim