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So what else have I been reading lately? 

Suffer Strong: How to Survive Anything by Redefining Everything, by Katherine and Jay Wolf is another recent read. Their earlier book, Hope Heals, was a profound and timely gift during my time of rehab after my car accident. Suffer Strong is stunning. Heart-wrenching. Moving. Candid. 

It tells the story of how Jay and Katherine have found a way to live fully and celebrate hope, even in the midst of profound loss and suffering. Katherine suffered a catastrophic stroke that nearly took her life back in 2007, after her and Jay were young and pursuing careers in law and the entertainment industry. 

Together they share their journey and let us into it. A journey of survival - but more than survival. A journey of learning to redefine their suffering and loss. A journey of facing with courage their deepest fears. A journey of discovering grace to flourish even in the midst of a hard - yet good - life. 

They share what they have discovered. They lead us down a path of how they have practiced what they have learned. Along the journey - they share . . .

  • how we can break free from the "curse" of our stories
  • how we can redefine our limitations
  • how we can grow from our trauma
  • how we can disrupt the myth that joy can only be found in a pain-free life
  • how we can turn our sufferings into strengths
  • and even of how we can thrive and have hope while we suffer

Grab a Kleenex box as you read. Allow your heart to be moved and stirred by what they share. Learn - with them - to "suffer strong" in the midst of daily struggles . . . AND . . . life-altering sorrows. 

There is much to learn from their story.

Until next time,

-Pastor Tim