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Does the Christian faith, does the Bible, speak into the ongoing struggle for justice in the African American community? 

Esau McCaulley knows firsthand the challenges of growing up in the American South. He has written a powerful book - demonstrating the power and the hope of reading the Bible within the Black church tradition. He demonstrates how the Bible does in fact engage and speak into many pressing issues facing Black communities in North Ameirca. 

Our eyes are opened to how the Bible speaks with fresh insight into issues like policing, Black identity, ethnicity, political protest, slavery, and Black anger. McCaulley demonstrates how Scripture affirms, challenges, and gives fresh direction to Black concerns surrounding these pressing issues. He models a way of engaging the Bible that involves ongoing conversation between the Black experience and God's Word. 

You will be stirred, challenged, encouraged, even hope-filled for how Scipture can - and does - offer hope in the midst of so much injustice and suffering that the Black community has experienced. McCaulley helps all of us learn a more dynamic way of engaging the Bible and allowing the Bible to engage our social location and the culture and experience of others. 

McCaulley's voice needs to be heard. It comes as a timely gift to the Church as we continue to fight against Black racism in our culture.

Until next time,

Pastor Tim