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Live Laugh Love
So, I’ve been staring at this sign for days. When I go to sleep, I see it. When I go online, for some reason it keeps coming up. I now have ad’s for buying signs with “Live Laugh Love” coming up on most of my media feeds.
Therefore, I believe I should follow the clear instruction I am getting. I would love to share 3 things with you. The first is a video that when I watch it and/or listen to it, I think of the word “Live” and what it means.

Live: Praise of His People

The second is a video I watched recently that makes me laugh so much.


The third is a video of a live performance. The testimony in the middle of the song gets me so excited. It’s reckless love, but I love his explanation of the song and his experience with the Father’s love.
Love: Reckless Love Live

He really does love us. Let’s live, laugh and love today.
Love you church family.