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A short blog post for the shortest verse in the bible. 

John 11: 35 - "Jesus wept."

He cried because the pain in that moment was real. Lazarus will rise again from death in a few verses in the story, but that doesn't change the pain in the moment. He is immortal. He is powerful. He is the creator of the universe. He cried. 

How present is Jesus in this moment. How present are we?

We can be so quick to find inspirational words. We can find an explanation the moment tough times come. 

Jesus, in the midst of pain... Wept. He has all the answers, but Jesus wept. 

In this moment, would we be present. Would we not be the people that have "all the answers" to our context. The only answer we have, is Jesus. He loves you so much. In a moment that a friend died, who was coming back to life shortly, Jesus wept. God, move us to pray. Move us to acknowledge suffering. Move us to tears. 

Love ya.

Pastor Randy

A song that has encouraged me through many emotions. Be encouraged today church family.