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After listening to a recent podcast by Pete Scazzero, I have been inspired and drawn to reflect again on a vital part of the Christian life and the growth God wants to do in us through times like the one we find ourselves in. Let me explain.

The Christian life is a journey. We’ve probably heard the image before. But – let’s remember what is often part of a “journey.” Journeys involve movement – starts, stops, delays, detours, great vistas, deep valleys, even trips to unknown places. We are all on a journey.

Sooner or later – at some point – you will also encounter a wall in your journey. Circumstances of life come. Leaving you feeling lost. Disoriented. Overwhelmed. In deep pain.

For many people – a wall appears through a crisis that turns your world upside down. A divorce, loss of a job, the death of a close family member or friend, a cancer diagnosis, a disillusionment with church, a betrayal, a dream that is shattered, a car accident, the inability to get pregnant, a desire to marry that remains unfulfilled, a loss of joy and connection with God. A global pandemic.

Regardless of how we get there – at some point – we will face walls in our journey.

We can start to feel like our faith does not appear to “work.” We have more questions than answers. We don’t know where God is, what God is doing, where God is going, how God is going to get us there, or when this will be over. There can be a sense of dryness, weariness, helplessness – even a sense of defeat or emptiness can descend upon us. 

So what do we do when we face a wall? One temptation is to try to power through. Ignore the pain. Ignore the feelings being stirred. Just keep your head down and get through. “Suck it up.”

The trouble with this approach is we miss what God may be up to by bringing us to a wall. God wants to pull things out of us. Strip things away. Refine us. Purify us. Transform us more and more into the likeness of His Son.

So that our love and delight in Him might become more full. So that we might find Him to be more sweet. So that we might know more the depths of His love and His peace. So that we might become more gentle, loving, broken people.

Our work is to stay with God. To persevere. To wait on Him. Even when everything inside of us wants to run.

To open ourselves up to God and what He might be up to. So let me ask you – what is God doing IN YOU during this time? What is God trying to strip away in your life? What parts of you does He want to refine?

As I have been reflecting, it is becoming more clear to me that 2020 has brought me to a wall. In my next post, I will share some of the things God is showing me as I learn to wait on Him and open myself up to what He may be up to as I face the wall.

Until next time,

Pastor Tim