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"O come all you unfaithful
Come weak and unstable
Come know you are not alone
O come barren and waiting ones
Weary of praying, come
See what your God has done"

The opening lines of this song drew me in. The weak. The unstable. The barren. The waiting. The weary. 

Yeah those words resonate. Especially this year. 

"Come - know you are not alone. Come and see what God has done. Christ is born for you."

Chirst. Born. For. You. Let that sink in.

Come and worship Him.

Come . . . with your weariness.

Come . . . with your grief.

Come . . . unfaithful one.

Come and know that you are not alone. 

This song was one of many that captured my heart this past Sunday night during the "Songs for Hope: A TGC Advent Concert." If you missed it - you can still listen here

Allow the music and the spoken words to draw you back again to worship this Advent season. 

Be blessed,

Pastor Tim