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Black lives matter. If it wasn't for the rain this morning, I'd insert a photo of our church sign on Dewdney Trunk that declares this to our city - Black Lives Matter. 

Now is not a time to be silent. This is why we are speaking up and speaking out as pastors. 

At the same time, I resonate deeply with those who are inviting us to listen. Listen to the stories of black people and their experiences. Listen to the thoughts and ideas of black leaders. Listen to the work of black theologians. Listen. 

I invite you to listen as well.

Here is a link to something that is well worth your time - Black Lives Matter

It is long. You can either listen to the talk or read the manuscript. It will help you, I believe, understand why it is important for us to critically engage the Black Lives Matter Movement. However you choose to do it - I encourage you to listen and let's engage together.

-Pastor Tim