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Maple Ridge Cristian Reformed Church

Here at Maple Ridge CRC ...

We seek to be a vibrant Christian community while making a difference for Him in the lives of those around us.

We seek to do this by building a Caring Community, an Equipping Community and an Extending Community.

We are prayer based, Bible focused, Reformed in our rooting, multi-generational in embrace, communal in worship, open in communication and relevant in our world.


Who We Are and What We Believe:

Maple Ridge Christian Reformed Church is a group of individuals who share a common belief in the God revealed by the Bible.  Our God is all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere present.  While he is one, the Bible reveals God to us as three persons: God the Father; God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Spirit (Holy Spirit).  He created the universe and everything that exists in it including the earth and every plant, animal and human being that lives there.  The Bible tells us that God loves his creation deeply.

When God created humankind, he made them unique, in his image. In doing so, he gave us a special place and responsibility.  That responsibility included managing and caring for creation and, most importantly, to willingly serve, honor and love him.  Unfortunately, humankind rebelled against God’s plan and rejected our special relationship with him.  Our natural inclination to disobey God, our broken relationship with him, as well as all of the sickness, poverty, conflict and other suffering that we experience in the world today, is a direct consequence of humankind’s rebellion against God.

Even though humankind deserved to be punished for what we had done, God did not reject us for our rebellion against him.  Instead, because of his deep love for humankind, he developed a plan, the only possible way, through which his relationship with humankind could be restored.  This plan culminated in the death of Jesus Christ on the cross where God himself paid the price for humankind’s rebellion.  This monumental, sacrificial gift means that the relationship between any individual and God can be restored by doing two things: First, by individually admitting, and seeking to be forgiven for, our part in humankind’s rebellion against God and, second, by individually believing that Jesus Christ’ death on the cross paid the penalty for our part in this rebellion.


Our Foundational Principles:

Prayer:  An attitude of prayer is foundational to every Christian’s life and every church’s identity.  We believe that prayer is the conversational part of the most important love relationship in our lives, our relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Through prayer we communicate directly with God.  We believe that God wants us to pray, that He hears and answers all of our prayers and that through prayer, God releases his power into the world.

The Bible:  We accept the Bible as the living, enduring and authoritative word of God.  Not only does the Bible record the redemptive work that God completed to restore His relationship to humankind, it also describes the promises of God to those who accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour and teaches us how to live a life of gratitude and service for what God has done.

Reformed:   We believe that a reformed interpretation and understanding of scripture and our world around us is critical to our ongoing identity and place in our community.  The Reformed summaries of the Christian faith, including the Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession, Canons of Dort & Contemporary Testimony, aid us in navigating this world as a Reformed community of believers.

Multigenerational:  We believe that inclusion of all age groups within our church family is a sign of health and vitality.  Each person brings a perspective on God’s love that is valuable to all.

Communal:  Meeting together, especially, though not exclusively, on Sundays to praise, pray, learn and fellowship gives us a taste of Christian community world wide.  Meeting together in smaller open groups, for a variety of reasons, is important to the building of the larger community.  Healthy relationship with each other and with our community is perhaps the greatest expression of being a disciple.

Open Communication:   Sharing together, both struggles and victories, is a value which enables MRCRC as a community to gain greater capacity for encouragement, compassion and humility.

Relevant:  Just as Jesus spoke to people in the language they understood and used parables and stories they could relate to, and just as he sent out his disciples to bring the good news and minister to the physical needs of those around them, we also seek to do the same in Ridge Meadows, the lower mainland and our world.